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Intake manifolds of a Sprinter van before BG Induction Service. Concept image of “Maximize Your Engine's Performance with BG Induction Service” | Independent Auto and Diesel Repair in Jamestown, TN.

Maximize Your Engine’s Performance with BG Induction Service

Carbon deposits can naturally build up in the fuel system and the air intake of a vehicle. To get rid of this naturally occurring buildup (which happens when you drive your vehicle), you can opt to have BG Induction Service as part of your vehicle maintenance.

When it’s time to clean the fuel injection system, contact Independent Auto and Diesel Repair in Jamestown, TN. We provide BG Induction System Service in Jamestown, TN. Removing the buildup could increase fuel economy by up to four miles per gallon, depending on the vehicle and the extent of carbon deposits in the fuel and air system.

In this post, let’s describe fuel induction, fuel induction cleaning, and the BG Induction Service.

What is Fuel Induction & Fuel Induction Service?

Fuel induction is a term used to describe the process of delivering air and fuel to an internal combustion engine. It involves a series of components and systems that work together to ensure the proper mixture of air and fuel is supplied to the engine’s cylinders, where combustion occurs.

For starters:

  • The fuel induction system includes the fuel filter, injectors or throttle body, air filter, intake manifold, intake, exhaust valves, fuel pump, and fuel tank.
  • The injectors deliver the fuel as dictated by the vehicle’s electronic control module, which picks up information from sensors on the engine, including the throttle position sensor. (This is the fuel injection part of the entire fuel induction process.)
  • The computer mixes the correct amount of fuel and air in the intake manifold, then that mixture is dumped into the cylinders.

Over time, carbon deposits, petroleum sludge, and fuel deposits build up and can decrease fuel economy. The buildup also increases exhaust emissions. Thus, the fuel system must be cleaned at routine intervals—this is where the fuel induction service comes in.

Most vehicles would need a fuel induction cleaning every 30,000 miles, especially diesel engines. BG Induction Service is one of these cleaning processes—it uses certain BG products to remove the deposits.

Intake manifolds of a Sprinter van after BG Induction Service. Concept image of “Maximize Your Engine's Performance with BG Induction Service” | Independent Auto and Diesel Repair in Jamestown, TN.How Does BG Induction Service Work?

BG Induction Service cleans the deposits described above. It uses extremely strong BG chemicals to clean the entire fuel system, including the injectors and air intake.

A high-pressure canister is used to contain and deliver the cleaning compound. It is atomized through the air intake boot into the intake manifold. We run the vehicle to pull the chemicals through the engine.

The chemicals circulate through the intake manifold, past the intake valves and into the cylinders. On the exhaust stroke, the chemicals clean the exhaust valves.

The Fuel and Air Induction Service Process

When we perform the BG Induction Service, we pour BG 44K (a fuel cleanser and gasoline additive) into the fuel tank to ensure the tank, fuel lines, and fuel filter are clean. We then connect the stainless steel hoses on the injection system cleaner machine to the inlet side of your vehicle’s fuel rail.

We run the engine until all the cleaners in the machine cycle through the engine. We then fill the cleaning machine with BG Air Intake System cleaner and attach a special cleaning tool, which clips onto the air intake boot.

We run the machine until the cleaner is exhausted and the air intake is clean. We then test-drive the vehicle.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair Recommends & Performs BG Induction Service

By bringing your vehicle for preventative maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, you significantly reduce the risk of your car breaking down. When you add our BG Induction System Service to your maintenance list, you also reduce emissions and potentially increase fuel economy.

Contact Independent Auto and Diesel Repair now to ensure your fuel system is clean and your engine performs optimally. Call us at (931) 863-2888 or stop by our full-service auto shop at 4859 S. York Hwy Jamestown, TN 38556.