Diesel Emissions Repair

Diesel trucks have a complex emissions system that includes a selective reduction catalyst (SCR) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF). Without maintenance, this system could go into limp-home mode. You’ll have no choice but to repair it. 

Worse, diesel emissions repairs can be expensive. But you can minimize the costs by doing the maintenance before the manufacturer-recommended service for cleaning the DPF.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair provides various services for diesel trucks, including cleaning and changing the DPF. If you clean the DPF before the carbon has time to build up, it’s easier to clean, and you won’t have to replace the filter as often.

How The Diesel Emissions System Works


Before replacing your emissions system, we’ll inspect it to ensure the issue is actually from the diesel emissions system. If our diesel specialists find some problems, we will recommend the proper diesel emissions repair.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair uses BG Induction for Diesels and BG Fuel System Services for maintenance. You can minimize repairs by ensuring your diesel mechanics provide the needed care on a frequent basis.


While the fuel filter isn’t part of the emissions system, it still plays an important role. Ensuring you change the fuel filter frequently helps minimize issues with the fuel and emissions systems.

A dirty fuel filter will eventually become clogged. Before that happens, it may allow extra particles into the engine. This means the emissions system has to work harder to clean the harmful gases and soot particles.

Keeping up with fuel filter replacement decreases emissions repair and the release of harmful gases into the environment. And it will save you money in the long run.


In addition to emissions repair, Independent Auto and Diesel Repair can repair or replace exhaust system parts, including mufflers, exhaust manifolds, pipes, and tailpipes.

The diesel emissions system will only work properly if the exhaust system functions correctly and doesn’t have holes. When the exhaust system leaks, it will release particles and harmful gases into the atmosphere, rendering the diesel emissions system not nearly as effective.

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When you need services for your diesel emissions and exhaust system, our Independent Auto and Diesel Repair team can help. Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet, we’ll help you all the same with your repairs and maintenance needs. 

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