BG services

Newer vehicles use fuel injectors to spray a set amount of fuel into the intake manifold. The fuel mixes with air and is then sucked into the combustion chamber. When you notice reduced engine power, you might have a dirty or clogged injector. 

If you notice reduced engine power or your vehicle’s engine misfires, contact Independent Auto and Diesel Repair in Jamestown, TN. We do BG Services, including BG Fuel System Services and BG Induction for Diesels. These are maintenance services that ensure you have clean injectors.

What Is Bg Services?

Rough idle, poor fuel economy, hard starting, power loss, increased emissions, pinging or knocking. If your vehicle’s engine has one or more of these symptoms, you might have dirty or clogged injectors. 

BG services we do are for cleaning the engine, specifically:

BG Services restore fuel efficiency and power as well as reduce harmful emissions. You’ll also notice better performance, especially if the injectors are dirty or clogged.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair performs BG Services for diesel and gas engines. Moreso on diesel engines which often develop problems before the injector breaks.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair Provides BG Services in Jamestown, Tn

At Independent Auto and Diesel repair, we can help maintain your vehicle. We use BG Services for diesel and gas-powered vehicles. We use only quality parts and provide top-notch service. 

Moreover, our auto mechanics in Jamestown, TN are ASE Certified and hold several other certifications. We stand behind our work with a warranty (3-year/36,000-mile for gas; 2-year/24,000-mile for diesel). We offer financing through Synchrony for larger jobs.

If your vehicle needs maintenance, emissions repair, or other automotive services, reach out to our team for inquiries or an appointment. Call us at (931) 863-2888. You can also drop by our full-service auto repair shop at 4859 S. York Hwy, Jamestown, TN 38556.