Diesel Filter Replacement

Diesel engines have several filters that need regular attention. They include the air filter, diesel particulate filter (DPF), transmission filter, and one or two fuel filters. 

It is more important to change these filters on time or early. They don’t just stop debris. The fuel filters also collect condensation caused by diesel fuel. The DPF traps soot particles from the engine.

When it’s time to clean or replace the filters of your diesel truck, Independent Auto and Diesel Repair can perform it. 

Image of an auto mechanic's hand and tool while changing transmission fluid at the underside of a vehicle. Concept image of filter replacement and fluid changes at Independent Auto and Diesel Repair.

Fuel, Transmission, And Air Filters

Many diesel trucks have two fuel filters. Whether your vehicle has one or two, it is essential to change them as recommended or when the fuel filter has too much water from condensation in the fuel buildup. The replacement costs depend on your vehicle’s year, make, and model.

The transmission filter is another important part of diesel maintenance. Transmission fluid picks up debris in the form of clutch particles, causing hard shifting due to clogged veins in the valve body and torque converter. Dirty transmission fluid also loses its lubrication properties when it gets dirty.

Diesel trucks also have an engine air filter. As with gas-powered vehicles, it’s important to change this filter when it gets dirty. Some trucks won’t start if the air filter is clogged.

Our diesel mechanics at Independent Auto and Diesel Repair can change all these filters as part of your vehicle’s maintenance.

Diesel Particulate Filters (Dpf)

DPF (diesel particulate filter or diesel exhaust filter) is equally important as the previous filters. It is part of the emissions system. It helps reduce the expulsion of harmful gases and soot into the environment. A DPF clean service ensures that the filter lasts longer and keeps harmful gases from being released into the atmosphere. 

A diesel specialist can perform a DPF clean service if the filter isn’t too clogged. Instead of waiting until the manufacturer’s recommended interval to clean the filter, request a DPF cleaning every 100,000 to 150,000 miles instead of 200,000 miles. Once the soot particles start to harden, you’ll have to replace the filter instead of cleaning it. 

If your truck seems to have less power, even if it is well before the 150,000 mileage since the last DPF cleaning, contact Independent Auto and Diesel Repair to diagnose the problem. If the problem is with the DPF, we’ll clean or replace it. 

Image of an auto mechanic's hand fixing a diesel particulate filter. Concept image of diesel filter replacement at Independent Auto and Diesel Repair.

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By keeping your diesel truck maintained, you keep it on the road longer. You can also avoid expensive diesel repairs with proper maintenance. And that includes changing the filters. 

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