Powerstroke Diesel Repair

Powerstroke engines were previously manufactured by Navistar International. The 6.7-liter Powerstroke is the first one directly manufactured by Ford. This engine makes 475 horsepower and 1,0505 pound-feet of torque. 

Regardless of the manufacturer, Powerstroke has its issues like any engine. Good thing the diesel mechanics at Independent Auto and Diesel Repair have the capacity to address such issues. 

Common Issues Of Powerstroke Diesel Engines

Common problems that need Powerstroke diesel repair include the following:


The Powerstroke 6.7-liter has four EGT sensors. Because this problem is so common, Ford issued an extended warranty on the sensors. The EGT sensors will throw a check engine light and can cause the vehicle to fail an emissions test. 

A malfunctioning EGT sensor also causes the truck to go into “limp home mode.” It will have barely any power, just enough to get you home or to a diesel repair shop, and will probably not start once you shut it off.


The Powerstroke had trouble with the EGR cooler. Since Ford moved it to the hot side, the issue is less common but still happens. But moving it to the hot side created another problem—carbon deposits building up in the cooler. 

If the EGR cooler becomes clogged, the computer will throw a code, and the engine might overheat. You might also see coolant leaks by the radiator.


The first generation of the 6.7 had most of the turbo issues. The newer generations have fewer problems, but they happen enough to be labeled “common.” 

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair provides diesel repair, including the turbocharger. If the turbo fails, you might notice oil in the exhaust, excessive smoke, whining noises, a loss of power, and the turbo not reaching boost.

Powerstroke Diesel Maintenance

As with all engines, the Powerstroke needs engine maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer. Maintenance for Powerstroke includes:

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