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BG Services & How They Help Vehicle Emission Systems | Independent Auto and Diesel Repair in Jamestown, TN. Image of black smoke from a diesel vehicle’s exhaust pipe on road.

BG Services & How They Help Vehicle Emission Systems

When you take care of a diesel engine, it’ll last forever. But at least 11 million diesel engines do not meet the EPA’s clean diesel standards—and it’s expensive to bring them up to standards or replace them. 

Fleets and individual diesel owners have several choices here. Use advanced diesel fuels, use aftermarket devices for the exhaust, repair, rebuild, or replace the engine, or replace the vehicle. All these options are expensive.

Engine Emissions and the EGR System

The heavy deposits that build up in diesel engines contribute to the emissions. These deposits cause more smoke and emissions that are harmful to the environment. The deposits accumulate in fuel lines, combustion chambers, fuel injectors, and the injector pump. 

Most vehicles use an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system. The EGR recirculates exhaust gas through a heat exchanger and back into the cylinders, mixing with clean incoming air. 

While this method of decreasing emissions works, it also increases particulate matter. The EGR system also reduces power and often causes less fuel to burn, which causes the increase of particulate matter.

Independent Auto and Diesel Repair has an alternative that could significantly reduce emissions: BG Services. We apply BG products—BG Induction for Diesels and BG Fuel System Services—into engines when we do maintenance.

BG Induction for Diesels

BG Services can significantly reduce emissions on diesel engines when you use them for maintenance. You can avoid installing devices and applying other expensive approaches when using BG Induction for Diesels.

Using BG Induction for Diesels regularly can reduce emissions and particulate matter without resorting to expensive alternatives. It breaks down the heavy deposits to avoid accumulation. 

It also cleans carbon deposits from the EGR passages and the air intake system. Previously, you would have had to tear down the entire engine to clean the EGR passages and air intake system. 

BG Fuel System Services

While gas-powered vehicles don’t have as many emissions as diesel engines, they still produce harmful ones, especially once the vehicles get old. Additionally, carbon deposits can build up on the pistons if you only drive in the city and rarely go faster than 35 mph. 

Signs of carbon deposits include a rough idle, engine knock, poor fuel economy, and hard starting. If the carbon deposits (which are hard) break loose from the top of the piston, they could score the cylinder walls, which would cause a blow-by. If it builds up too high, it could also cause the piston to hit the valve. 

Thus, gas-powered vehicles also need to have their fuel systems cleaned. Depending on your driving habits, it could be as often as yearly or every other year. Cleaning out the fuel injection system means you will have better fuel mileage and cleaner exhaust emissions.

Using BG Fuel System Services for gas engines cleans the carbon deposits and significantly reduces emissions. Using BG Fuel System Services will not only help the environment but also prevent significant engine damage.

Contact Independent Auto and Diesel Repair for BG Services in Jamestown, TN

Engines—diesel or gas—need maintenance to curb emissions. At Independent Auto and Diesel Repair, we use BG products that are more cost-effective than using aftermarket devices or servicing the engine. 

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